SMS010 Extra Foil for Nutter Set - 6" x 6"

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    • Features:
      • Sheet measures 6" x 6"
      • Dowel is included for smoothing foil prior to use. If ordering multiple sheets, please let us know if you want them separate (up to four sheets can be on one dowel).
      • Replace mud flaps on all your vehicle models for a very realistic look
      • Not intended for use by children under the age of 14 years - use with adult supervision
      • For use with the Nutter sold separately

      Tri-foil contains a central lead core. The same precautions should be used as when working with any lead bearing substance, even though very little actual contact with lead is expected due to the protective outer layer on each side.

      Precautions to be taken in handling and storing:

      Avoid inhalation of dust or fumes in concentrations above OSHA limits. Avoid accidental ingestion by using good personal hygiene practices. Wash thoroughly before eating or smoking if lead has been handled. Keep your work area clean and properly dispose of any unusable material.


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