SMS009 The Nutter Set -Model Nuts and Rivets Tool

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    • The Nutter - A Revolution in Ultra Detailing
      • 100% Made in the USA by The Small Shop®
      • Main Tool - CNC Machined HG Aluminum Hard Anodized Finish
      • *Tri-foil for consistent results - Nutter includes one 6" x 6" sheet.  Refills can also be purchased - Link to Tri-foil
      • Firm rubber works with the foil for constant accurate shapes
      • Hex Nut tips = 0.5mm, 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm
      • Rivet tips - 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm and 1.0mm
      • Seven sizes of recessed areas to make Headlamp Lens Reflectors 2-8mm
      • Steel probe handle with Black Oxide Finish for weight and durability
      • Tip Storage unit (holds 7 tips) keeps tips safe and organized
      Not intended for use by children under the age of 14 years - use only with adult supervision
      Small Shop® and Hold and Fold® are Registered Trademarks and may not be used without our permission.

      "While styrene or other sheet goods could possibly be used, it's unlikely that they'd produce anywhere near as crisp of an edge as is possible with our foil. And since damage the tool tip would likely occur quickly unless one were to exercise exceptionally conservative judgement when testing on any new materials, we have not tested the product on other materials since the sheer number of possible candidates and their varying mechanical properties are nearly unlimited."

      *Tri-foil contains a central lead core. The same precautions should be used as when working with any lead bearing substance, even though very little actual contact with lead is expected due to the protective outer layer on each side.

      Precautions to be taken in handling and storing:

      Avoid inhalation of dust or fumes in concentrations above OSHA limits. Avoid accidental ingestion by using good personal hygiene practices. Wash thoroughly before eating or smoking if lead has been handled. Keep your work area clean and properly dispose of any unusable material. 


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