Long neck angle grinder LHW

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Long neck angle grinder LHW

Replaces  Long neck angle grinder LWS 

For working steel, non-ferrous metals, glass, ceramics, wood and plastic. For cutting, rough-machining, grinding, precision polishing, fine polishing and carving wood. Special balanced, powerful, quiet and long-lasting DC motor. Stable head made of glass-fibre reinforced POLYAMIDE. A corundum grinding disc (grit 60), a fan sanding disc (grit 100) and a reinforced cutting disc are included. Safely stored in an attractive and extremely stable case made from polypropylene.

Technical data: 220 - 240V. 100W. 13,000rpm. Disc diameter 50mm with 10mm interval. Length 270mm. Weight 550g. Run down time less than 1 second. Insulated to class 2.

NO 28 547




Storage case of high-grade polypropylene. Attractive design, very sturdy and large enough to put the machine back in the case after completing work, without having to "fumble". A label on the side identifies the contents.

Other Accessories that are avalible below


Corundum grinding disc for LHW 

Used for de-burring, grinding, sharpening and derusting steel and non-ferrous metals. Ø 50mm.

NO 28 585 


60 grit





Silicon carbide grinding disc for LHW 

Used on hard materials such as glass, stone, ceramics and even hardened steel. Ø 50mm.

NO 28 587 


60 grit





Corundum fan sander for LHW 

For grinding tempered cast iron, cast iron, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, wood and plastic. Low wear-resistant. Ø 50mm.

NO 28 590


100 grit



Corundum bound cutting disc for LHW

With woven reinforcement, 50 x 1 x 10mm. For cutting steel, non-ferrous metals, plastic and wood. Ø 50mm.

28547-28154.jpgNO 28 154  


Foredom Corundum bound cutting disc




Backing disc for LHW

Self-adhesive type, for use with corundum bound sanding discs and sanding fleece. Ø 50mm.

NO 28 548


1 piece





Corundum sanding disc for LHW

Self-adhesive type, used on flat and convex surfaces. Ø 50 mm.

NO 28 549


80 grit


12 pieces

NO 28 550


150 grit


12 pieces





Sanding fleece for LHW

Self-adhesive type, used for cleaning, matting and sanding of steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. Also used for paint removal. Ø 50 mm.

NO 28 554




5 pieces

NO 28 555




5 pieces





Rasp plate with metal burrs made from wolfram carbide for LHW



For model-making, cleaning and smoothing of wood, plastics and glass-fibre reinforced objects. No expenditure of effort is needed, easy and precise handling. Not suitable for metal processing.

NO 29 05028547-29050-ente.jpg 

Suitable accessories: Footswitch FS


Foredom Typhoon Disc's


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