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Precision drill/grinder FBS 240/E
$137.37 $135.00
Precision drill/grinder FBS 240/E Strength comes from quality!  For milling, drilling, grinding, polishing, cleaning, carving and engraving. The...
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Proxxon Professional drill/grinder IBS/E
$212.00 $179.00
  High concentric accuracy (maximum runout 3/100mm). No runout in your bits and cutters. This high-revving, special balanced, low noise DC motor...
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Long neck angle grinder LHW
$244.46 $229.00
Long neck angle grinder LHW Replaces   Long neck angle grinder LWS  For working steel, non-ferrous metals, glass, ceramics, wood and plastic....
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Long neck straight drill/grinder LBS/E
$221.14 $195.00
Head of die-cast aluminium with 100mm long spindle neck (and 20mm MICROMOT collar).  Ideal for internal grinding and the use in slots and channels....
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Long neck angle milling/drilling unit LWB/E
$253.76 $225.00
Long neck angle milling/drilling unit LWB/E With a set of gears running on several ball bearings in a stable, die-cast aluminium housing head. Also...
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Belt sander BS/E
$273.00 $239.00
Belt Sander BSL 220/E     For shape finishing, mortising, fine polishing (flat surfaces). Also for de-burring...
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Proxxon Angle polisher WP/E (220 - 240V)
$256.56 $239.00
Product Description Angle polisher WP/E For perfect surfaces even in tight spots. Finishing of blank surfaces, cleaning, rust removal, finishing...
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5 Piece Metric Hex Ball Driver Set w/holder
$29.99 $24.95
This is a 5 pc Set that includes a handy workbench or fieldbox holder for the Ball Wrenches. The perfect tools for getting at those hard to reach places....
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AR-Pro +
Axiom Pro + Series
The Axiom Precision AutoRoute Pro+ Series of CNC routers. Powerful electro spindle performance, and 4th axis ready in a compact industrial machine. Our...
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Axiom Heavy-duty steel frame stands
Rigidity is the key when CNC machining accurate parts.   Don’t trust your investment to just any flimsy stand.   The Axiom Stand is heavy,...
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Axiom Vacuum Hold-Down Kit
Securing your workpiece to the bed of your CNC router often creates a challenge.  The Axiom vacuum hold-down kit is a terrific accessory which makes...
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Axiom CNC Dustshoe Pro – ADS221
A clean environment is a safe environment. Our most popular CNC accessory, the Axiom Dust Shoe provides a nearly dust-free routing environment and is an...
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